Image by Mike Von


Isabella Pappalardo

As the year opened up, we saw a shift in the way human interaction works. A kiss was no longer the proper way to greet someone. Neither was a handshake or a hug. Human beings were forced to change the way they interact for fear of contagion. However, the world has another virus established centuries ago and that to this day continues to be one of the deadliest in places like the United States: racism. Over the course of the weekend we saw the atrocities and injustice that this man-made virus can create. It imposes violence and fear for the people on the receiving end.

As I watched the video of the brutal murder of George Floyd, my eyes filled with tears. But as I spiraled down into the videos of protests taking place all across America and the lack of empathy the white collars and the President have, I became enraged. We cannot let this continue. George Floyd did not die in vain and these protests will not be useless. A change is being demanded. 

We must not stay silent anymore. We must educate ourselves and educate others that one isn’t defined by the color of their skin. It doesn’t make you a dangerous person or a person that’s less worthy. We must not only be “non-racist” but anti-racists. Change must happen and it must happen now. We must evolve the way we look at the world and the things we accept. The current status quo must be refashioned and altered. We need to learn from history. This is because the color of your skin shouldn’t be something that makes you fear for your life. Black lives should matter not only in the U.S. but everywhere else in the world. They should matter from this day forward.

My heart goes out to everyone that was affected and is continuously affected by racist acts around the world. From this day forward I pledge to put my grain of sand in making this world a proper place for ALL of us to live in. I encourage you to put yours. Just because we’re not citizens in the U.S. this doesn’t mean we can’t help. Sign those petition forms, share the videos on your social media and talk about the subject with friends and family. If we all come together we can succeed in making this world a better place to live in. No one is born a racist! We have the responsibility to build an environment that embraces all cultures, ethnicities and races. 

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

⁃ Desmond Tutu