Film Reels


Beatrice Sorbets

If you’re French or interested in French culture and the lockdown situation you are - most probably - experiencing right now is starting to get really long and boring, let me share with you some “feel good” French movies you might have never heard of and that will be change from the shows you might be used to binge watch on Netflix : 

- a romantic musical : “Les demoiselles de Rochefort”, Jacques Demy 1967 

- a good old comedy : “Rabbi Jacob” Gerard Oury 1973

- a movie with an ambiance : “Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain” Jean Pierre Genet 2001 

- a “love” story : “l’Arnacoeur”Pascal Chaumeil 2010

- a second “love” story : “20 ans d’écart” David Moreau 2013

Each one in its style will make you discover France and French culture (and even some of the French “humour” for what it is worth) as well as good actors from different times, definitely allowing you to distract your mind in these sometimes boring days. 

Have a nice time watching these!