Image by Fabiola Peñalba


Asia Parmeggiani

Have you ever experienced the reader’s block? I personally have, several times, the last being during this past month. In fact, reading during stressful times can be quite challenging but also a great way to escape our reality, even for only a couple of hours. Here are some ideas to help you go back into reading. 

Read something you like

You should focus on something you are interested in. On a daily basis, we already have to process a lot of information we don’t always care about, that’s why in our free time we should explore our hobbies and curiosities. Never feel pressured by a “reading list” or popular opinion. Read whatever makes you feel good and helps to widen your horizons. Additionally, you could pick-up a book that you have already read and loved in the past, something that feels familiar and comforting so that it can ease you back into the habit.

Pick a short book

Choose something that doesn’t seem overwhelming to start warming-up your reading muscles. The feeling of finally having completed a book after a long time will give you the necessary confidence to read the next one. 

Try a collection of short stories

If you get easily distracted and can’t remember many details pick short stories! Something you can easily read in one session, feeling accomplished rather than drained. You can choose either by selecting an author you particularly like or a specific theme on which different writers have given their interpretation.

Sometimes, when I have to study a lot, I feel overwhelmed by information and, after having seen and memorized words all day, the last thing I feel like doing is to read some more. How to escape this overload? 

Picking a graphic novel 

They are not just for kids but for adults as well! There is, in fact, a broad variety of interesting graphic novels dealing with serious matters, while also providing great pictures. They are great to learn through the association with images. Texts are usually short but effective, you will learn something without feeling burnt-out by information! 

Give a chance to audio-books 

Their popularity is definitely increasing, probably since it’s possible to “read” everywhere and while doing other chores as well! Something great for a busy and stressful time. 

Finally, remember that you don’t have to read at all costs, if you don’t feel like it just don’t. Do not pressure yourself, self-love is the only rule we should always apply.