Multi Ethnic Girls


Sara Matassoni

During this period of confinement at home, one of the first losses suffered by all of us is the intellectual stimuli that we achieve when hanging out with some friends. For this reason, the Women in Business Book Club was born.
The book chosen for the first session was “Men explain things to me” by Rebecca Solnit, which theorizes the concept of mensplaining.
During the Zoom meeting, the book was taken as inspiration to talk about feminism. The value added of internationality in our association was able to thrive. Women coming from Peru, Spain, UK and Italy were able to meet and confront. The discussion focused on linguistic diversities, catcalling and the ways in which our member’s past experiences related to one another.
The international ingredient of WIB made the discussion inspiring and variegated, reminding us that, as Virginia Woolf said, “as a woman I have no country, as a woman my country is the whole world”.