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Eliana Rodolfi

As exams are just around the corner and all of us start feeling the pressure and stress to perform well, it might be beneficial to take some time off to relax and distract ourselves. In order to do so, I would like to recommend a new show that has recently been released on Netflix and that I found entertaining, moving and eye-opening at the same time. The series is called “Never Have I Ever” and it has been created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. 

The premises of the story are somewhat conventional and reflect the typical coming of age series: Devi Vishwakumar is a high school sophomore who decides to make the current school year her best one yet by changing her social status from member of the UN (which does not mean United Nations, watch the show and you will understand), to that of a popular, well liked girl. While this might seem like many other typical teen dramas, what makes the show unique is not only the layers of emotions that the writing gives to each character, but the diversity the show is able to represent on screen. Indeed, Devi is a Tamil Indian American girl who lives with her cousin and her traditionalist mother who both constantly remind her of her roots and how an Indian girl should behave. The series delves into a culture that is definitely underrepresented in television and brings on the screen a heterogeneous cast like I have never seen. It was definitely interesting to learn more about the South Asian culture and to see the struggles of a girl who is trying to balance her heritage and the American culture she grew up in. 

I do not want to give out more of the story, but I would like to close this recommendation with an extract of Vulture’s review of the show: “Never Have I Ever was an unexpected and fully welcome treat, a TV show I didn’t realize I badly needed until I’d finished it and instantly wished for more”. I am eagerly waiting for a season two and I hope that after watching it you will too!