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a coming of age story during a pandemic

They tell you to enjoy these years

Go out, Meet new people, Make friends,

Enjoy life.

“You’ll never be this young again

You’ll never be this pretty again”

Enjoy it while it lasts.

And then


Everything changes,

Stay home, don’t see your friends,

Be responsible.

At first you say,

well it's okay

this will pass.

And then

Pause, once again.

You start pondering,

All the things you're missing out on.

You’ve distanced yourself from friends,

Stopped caring about your looks,

Haven't done anything new, crazy or fun,

Have simply stayed home,

And watched life go by.

You live through a screen,

Like your life's a movie,

But what movie,

with one character, no action, and certainly no heroine.

While there’s those enjoying life,

Going out,

Achieving big things,

But not you,

You feel stuck.

Like your life's on


Are you just being responsible,

Or has it become excessive,

Is this momentaneous

Or has this pause, become your life

And on and on you go,

With your mind on full speed,

until you put in on


You’re here,

You’re alive

And you made it through this tough time.

That’s enough, don’t seek for more.

Just Pause, and be alive.

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