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a new way to think beauty

How many times have you looked at celebrities’ or influencers’ skin and thought: “I want mine to look like theirs, but God knows how many and how expensive the products they use are”? Well, I used to do it all the time. Then I realized that it is not about using a hundred different products, it is about finding the right ones for your needs. And finding the right ones means doing a lot of trial and error, which can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

This is when a beauty box subscription comes in handy: it implies a totally different approach to beauty, where you don’t have to do anything and the most innovative, top-quality products in the world come directly to you. This concept was born nearly a decade ago in the US with Birchbox and, since then, it has been an ever-increasing trend. Tapping into the fact that the Internet has revolutionized the way women approach cosmetics, making it so that they no longer go to the department store beauty counter or flip through pages of magazines but rather search for new products on social media, YouTube, and random websites, this subscription method makes everything affordable. With a relatively small monthly payment, indeed, you can expect to receive a handful of products, from make-up to skincare and beauty, allowing you to test a new brand every time and, eventually, find the best one/s for you.


In this context, Abiby has brought this revolution to Italy, but they didn’t stop there. They also decided to offer not just samples, but full-size or travel-size products so that the subscriber can actually have the chance to experience the product and understand whether it works or not. It is not just about sending a monthly box, it is about offering customers a full discovery experience, introducing them to brands and products they might have not discovered on their own: if they want, they can buy their favorites on their online shop with a considerable discount. The brands they collaborate with are all top-quality and known worldwide for their sustainable practices: almost all of the products in the boxes are cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly. All this, starting from less than 25€ a month. How is this possible? The reason why these top-quality brands accept to sell their products basically at cost is that Abiby offers them a 360° marketing strategy: thanks to them, their products have access to a wide pool of beauty-wise customers who trust the box provider and, if satisfied, will re-purchase the product and discover even new ones from the brand. It is a win-win situation, and a solid business model that allowed Abby to succeed first in Italy, then Spain, and who knows where next?

In conclusion

Where is this all heading? If it is true that new technologies are making us lazier and lazier every day, with less time for search and an ever-increasing addiction to home delivery, then it means that subscription boxes, not only for cosmetics but also for food, grooming products, etc., really are the future. After all, as Beauchamp said it best: “It’s all about putting beauty in the context of her life, not expecting that beauty is her life”.

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