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around the newest social media craze: clubhouse platform

The latest 'hot' app

Founded in April 2020, amidst the lockdown boredom, Clubhouse is the latest trend of social networking app booming all around the world. If you have not hopped on the trend yet, Clubhouse is a voice-based platform for socializing and networking where you join different rooms as a listener or as a speaker engaging in conversations of various topics with like-minded people worldwide.

Despite being only available on iOS system and still being in its early development stages, the newest startup has outreached millions of users, including Elon Musk, who have further incentivized tech savvy minds onto the platform, and celebrities like Oprah to the point where Android users are not happy to be left out of the party.

Compared to similar functioning platforms like Discord, perhaps its most attractive feature is its simplicity in user interface to easily choose between various rooms with topics ranging from entrepreneurship to mental health, inviting your friends over or joining them and as a bonus, one-time live discussions with no recording feature, similar to Snapchat’s exclusivity.

What’s more, the timing of the launch seems to be perfect - live discussion with your favorite people is as real as it gets for our limited to almost nonexistent social life, extending for god knows (or maybe science knows) how long.

How things are going

One month after its beta version launch, the company was said to be valued at 100 million US dollars, according to CNBC, despite having only 1500+ users at the time which suggests the potential of this platform outliving its expectations even to this day. The longevity of its booming success is an interesting topic to keep in mind especially since it was announced by Facebook team members that they are in the process of developing a similar app with audio communication form as a competitor.

Whether it be your favorite celebrity or renowned mentor in your field with whom you dream of meeting one day or your long disconnected friends who are also stuck in their home for a year now, Clubhouse could be the place to catch up, tell stories, ask, learn, develop ideas and debate on impromptu topics with the globe.

A note for the future

But do keep in mind, you would need an invite from an existing user to join, which is a policy Clubhouse is holding for now in order to avoid any overload issues and to be lifted once its development is in full bloom. Until then, we keep digging for the gem-like conversations and connections brewing in the rooms and to witness the future of this platform together.

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