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high protein strawberry cheesecake

Satisfying the sugar cravings with a healthy dessert

Feeds full of recipes, home workouts, tips to stay productive at home and to make the best out of the time – that was social media during quarantine. For sure the quarantine time has also had a positive influence on our daily life: people spent more time with their families and found new activities to overcome boredom at home. Of course, you already saw many recipes from other people on social media lately, maybe you even tried some. Moreover, you might have tried some home workouts to stay active and fit during this time. But now the question is how to combine a healthy lifestyle with all the delicious recipes?

For me it was not so easy to resist the sugar cravings when always being at home, so I tried to prepare desserts that are healthier and not full of sugar or butter. Needless to say, it is totally fine to treat yourself from time to time with some sweets. But in case you are looking for a healthier cake version, I have good news for you, namely a recipe for a no bake strawberry cheesecake with a high share of protein. With this delicious cake you can treat yourself in a healthier way. Enjoy it!

Ingredients for the base

75 gr oat flakes

10 Medjool dates

50 gr almonds

A pinch of cinnamon

Strawberry cream:

350 gr strawberries

500 gr low-fat quark

2 Packages agar agar (mix it with 150 ml water)

A pinch of vanilla

70 gr maple syrup

Cake ring (about 20-22 cm diameter)

Nutritional Value per piece (1/12 of all ingredients):

174 KCal

26 gr carbohydrates

3 gr fat

10 gr protein


First put the dates (without the stones), the oats, the almonds and a pinch of cinnamon in a food processor and crush it until it is a mass of ‘dough’. Then place the cake ring on a plate, put the ‘dough’ inside and press it on the plate so that it is the base of the cake. Now put the base in the fridge and start with the strawberry cream. For the cream, put most of the strawberries (keep some for the decoration later) in the mixer and blend it with the quark, the maple syrup and the vanilla. Then boil the water with the agar agar for about 2 minutes and when it is thick add it to the strawberry cream. Now pour the strawberry cream in the cake ring on your base, then put it overnight in the fridge so that it gets solid. On the next day remove the cake ring and finally decorate the cake with the remaining strawberries.

Enjoy your healthy, high protein strawberry cheesecake!

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