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how to face an important interview

It’s lunchtime and you’re cooking your favorite pasta, when suddenly the phone rings:

  • Hello

  • Good morning, I’m calling from your dream company!

  • Oh good morning!

  • Can we arrange an interview for your dream position?

  • Of course, I mean, yes, sure…

Your heart is thumping, you waited for this moment for ages and here it is, your opportunity to shine. What’s your reaction? Excitement, of course, but also anxiety and fear of failure. You feel the pressure of reaching your goal because you can feel it so close. Here is my piece of advice - what I tell myself when I'm struggling in this kind of situation.


It’s totally understandable to feel anxious but the key to success is not to let anxiety prevail. Take your time to realize what’s happening.

Be prepared

Let your excitement guide you and study for your interview. Network with some of your colleagues who had similar experiences or just browse the web what they could ask you for.

Wear your best smile

Just be yourself! This is a precious opportunity to meet your dream company and learn more about them. It can happen you don’t see a cultural fit between you and them, it can happen your gut feeling tells you that’s not quite the place for you and that is totally alright!

Your worth does not depend on your performance in this job interview

As millennials, we care a lot about what others think of us but, as you may have read over and over, your worth doesn’t depend on others. What happens if you don’t get the job? Guess what, nothing.

Interviews are not exams but opportunities to learn more about yourself: what kind of person you want to become and where your place in this world is. Keep it in mind: not getting the job is not a failure.

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