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I am from...

Where water runs in rivers

And light shines through leaves

Where grass grows without worry

And beauty you almost can’t perceive

There is a place

Where kids play on streets

And teens dance to beats

Where parents watch their kids grow up

Into things they want to be

Where kindness is a given

And forgiveness is implied

Where food tastes like heaven

And heaven is the countryside

A place that is a home to many

and a dream to even more

Where loving and sharing

Are rules and furthermore

Birds sing songs

that float through the wind

and trees wear leaves

that look rather trimmed

the perfection is never enough

it can only get better

and when perfection is finally reached

they’ll keep it like a treasure

no one shall know

about the place where stars grow

about the place where it can even snow

I am from Austria

A place that is home to you and me

where hopes and dreams are made

and no one would ever want to flee

and no matter where I’ll one day be

I will always see

How wonderful Austria can be.

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