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"il mio canto libero" gives courage

Andrà tutto bene

I was studying in the United States when Italy entered its lockdown phase. Although I was so far away, I never felt closer to my country. We have always been able to stand out as a population, unfortunately mostly for bad reasons, however, this time we managed to make the world smile with our positive attitude and faith. “Andrà tutto bene” (“Everything will be ok”) is the motto that most Italian children have written on their balconies. Today’s heroes are the medical staff that put their lives at risk every day and also those people who try to make this situation as tolerable as possible. Videos of Italians singing on their balconies at 6pm every day went viral and were of example to the entire world. We have become the nation who tries to make the best out of this terrible situation and today I am very proud to be Italian. I wanted to share the adaptation of one of my favorite Italian songs “Il mio canto libero”, which was sung by the medical staff during their breaks to invite everyone to stay home and reassure them that we will all go back to smiling.

The song

“In un mondo che… fa paura ormai, noi ti aiuteremo sai… Tutto passerà, e sorriderai, noi ce la faremo, sì, lo vedrai. Adesso resta a casa, esci solo per la spesa, domani è un nuovo giorno…”

I believe that the song speaks for itself.

You can listen to the song here.

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