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letter to the future

Have you ever imagined where you will be in 5 years, who you will become and what you will do? I am sure that most of us thought about their future during this difficult time at home: we had a lot of free time to think. Now more than ever we are surrounded by uncertainty for our life, for our careers, and even for our holidays. But everyone is trying to stay focused on their goals in life, by fighting every day to succeed. Despite that, we should constantly keep an open mind because we may have in front of us some opportunities that we couldn’t see before and maybe they can completely change our lives and our projects: that’s why we have to be ready to use every possibility we have and try to take the risk. I personally used this quarantine time to wonder a lot about some important decisions and my future, but in the end, I just realized that each of us has to be proud of who we are today, and we have to take even just one day to celebrate, instead of always thinking ahead. That’s why I decided to write a letter to the “future myself”: I am sure that most of us, when kids, wrote some letters and buried them in a box in the garden or in a field. Today you can do it with the digital version: this means that you can write a letter, which you will receive as an email on a day you can choose in the future. Imagine when one day in, 5 or even 10 years, you open your laptop in the morning and you find a letter from yourself in the past: do you think this is scary or cool? Try it to find out!


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