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night in shining armor

Why do we wait? For stars to come down to us? For the moment of absolute perfection? For holding on to the perfect deception?

Why do we stop? For the fear so dear to soul? For people left behind? For old memories, you can’t let go and take a step, you want to rewind?

Why do we cry? For the one you love? For the one who left? For the one who can’t save you from the depth?

Why do we break? For the dreams so real, but seemed unreal? For the lost life you wish you had? For the burnt hope from the anchor that broke the rope?

Why is the why so repetitive in our world? For the people to look for rationale in us? For ourselves to burn the thrill inside? So risks and us abide?

Why is the heart so tired of beating? Is the giving lost in receiving? Is the soul tired of searching? Isn’t your gut tired of wreathing?

Why does it seem foolish to be courageous? And every truth so inconceivable? Defeat comes for the best, but isn’t most of the time, losing seems to be the only option?

And the questions envelope me in a shell of misguided fear and the night, so dark, came without the dusk.

And the night shines on, reminding me of the Beatles.

“Well we all shine on, Like the moon and the stars, and the sun. Well we all shine on, Ev’ryone come on”

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