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salento cake recipe

The quarantine in Italy has made us live our homes and pause our daily routines. Nowadays, indeed, it is difficult to find time to practice any hobbies due to the many duties we all have. Personally, the pandemic is allowing me to discover the pleasure of spending more quality time with my family, to focus more on myself, and to learn more about my town roots. In particular, it is reawakening culinary instincts usually dormant by my daily rush.

I would like to present to you a famous recipe from my hometown which is sweetening my days. It is called Torta Pasticciotto and is a typical cake we eat in Salento. It is a variant of a classic Salento dessert prepared with a base of shortcrust pastry and filled with delicious custard baked in the oven, dusted with icing sugar, and subsequently served in slices. Suitable for any occasion, from breakfast to snack or perfect for a party!

Click here for the recipe

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