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the importance of morning rituals - improve your daily life, one morning at a time

The demanding schedules of our world today, unfortunately, results in increased stress and productivity and a lack of motivation. It’s a challenge to adjust our tasks and work routines the way we want, but we can easily improve our days without having to make drastic changes in our school and work life.

How? By introducing morning rituals.

What is a morning ritual?

A morning ritual is defined as a set of actions or routines that are tailored to your specific liking and needs. Morning rituals could include a good skincare routine, a satisfactory breakfast, a quick exercise routine, yoga, meditation, journaling, and more. It is yours and yours only - you are in charge of doing what you need. Experts point out that morning rituals improve individuals’ productivity, mental, and physical health significantly. In other words, simply starting each day off with a routine that makes you feel good will set the tone for the rest of your day. Completing a morning ritual gives you a sense of achievement, and encourages you to continue your day with more productivity and mindfulness.


Of course, the amount of time you dedicate to yourself in the morning might vary depending on your schedule. But the beauty of morning rituals is that you are the boss! You can tailor your routine according to your own needs and time limits. Here, consistency is more important than content. Choosing a ritual that works for you is very important for turning it into a habit that boosts your overall productivity. Planning ahead, instead of doing it all in the morning is also very important for staying disciplined. In fact, experts say it takes twenty-one days for a behavior pattern to become a habit - the same is true for morning rituals.

Dealing with stress

Without a doubt, when deadlines pile up and the number of tasks increases, people allot less free time that would be relaxing and revitalizing. When stress levels increase, our sleep schedule and eating habits are likely to be affected negatively. Sitting on a chair for long hours can also result in health issues. However, if you introduce a morning routine that completes what is missing in your daily life, you’re less likely to experience the negative side-effects of increased work pressure. For example, a skincare routine could give you some time to pamper yourself and boost self-confidence. A short stretch, yoga, or light exercise will improve your mobility and reduce the negative effects of sitting on a chair for long hours. A consistently good breakfast can help you maintain healthy eating habits. Even if you don’t really have time to do anything in the morning, just drinking a glass of lemon water will boost your immune system and can be treated as a ritual. Simply making your bed each morning gives you a sense of achievement, and if you’ve had a bad day, you will at least come home to a neat bed. Journaling and meditation also don’t take a lot of time, and not only do they provide you with tools to cope with stress and anxiety, but they are also a great start to increase your mindfulness.

In conclusion...

Now is the time to think about what makes you happy, what you need more in your daily life, and to incorporate those things into your morning ritual. This is your sign to look after yourself.

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