Sofia Castro

Madam CJ Walker. Maybe you know her, maybe you don’t... Well, it doesn’t really matter to which group you belong to, I would still definitely recommend you watch the Netflix short series about her- it’s called Self Made.
Madam CJ Walker was an African American entrepreneur from the 19th century and the first female self-made millionaire in America according to the Guinness Book World of Records. Sarah Breedlove (her real name) made her fortune from her line of homemade hair care products for black women looking to strengthen their hair. Madam CJ Walker built her own empire in a men’s world, always facing discrimination and injustice. However, she grew to become fearless and stood up to her own beliefs.
Sarah can be described as a challenge-lover person and as a humble businesswoman - she led a team of saleswomen who improved their life standards through the commissions they would gain from selling the brand’s hair products. This example portrays Madam CJ Walker’s mission also within the social spectrum, vouching for women’s improved role in society. In fact, at that time black women needed to have their hair pretty in order to be allowed to work in certain places, making it harder for them to find a job, especially given the non-existence of a hair product for colored women. Madam CJ Walker’s revolutionary “intervention” in the market enabled many women to find employment, enjoying a wider scope of opportunities!
In case you are craving a little motivation, I strongly believe this is the right thing to fix that. By the end of the show, you will have concluded that no matter how many obstacles you face in the path to achieve your goal, your strength will be more than enough to bring you to the top. This TV show really portrays the idea that female empowerment is a world-wide movement that is not only revolutionary (and centuries old) but also powerful in the way that, no matter what, it will always positively impact plenty of lives.