Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons


Bayarmaa Altankhishig

As uncertainty has taken over all spectrums of our lives for god-knows-how-long-it-will-continue, Ms. Corona has definitely brought a peculiar time that requires us to take a break from the lifestyle we were accustomed to. Although lockdowns and social distancing may not be the best times of our lives, we could try to make it good by digitally surrounding ourselves with the right tribe on YouTube. Coming from an experienced subscriber for years, they are my trusted source of scientific and practical knowledge blended into one when it comes to skincare, personal finance, mental and emotional wellbeing and other shenanigans of the adult world. We all got a list of "I don’t have time for this right now" and maybe quarantine is your cue to learn about why exfoliating matters or how to process a mental burnout (especially during isolation). Keep in mind fellows, nobody "has to" achieve maximum productivity and learn 100 different skills amidst a worldwide pandemic and it is a luxury to afford such self-improvement at this moment. With that said, here are youtubers who can simplify your life during and after quarantine in ways you did not even realize:

  1. Liah Yoo - This channel is the "Figuring out your skin 101" for setting up for your own skincare steps - which do not have to be complicated as marketers portray them to be - and becoming aware of what chemicals you are feeding your skin with. CEO of sustainable skincare company, Liah Yoo focuses on educating her viewers on what goes into skincare products and their effects on different skin types, especially with skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema, high sensitivity etc. We see many so-called gurus and beauty companies rave about 7 or even 10-step skincare, new line launches promising you "THE dewy glass skin" from drugstore to high-end brands. You can say goodbye to clueless marketers and welcome science to your skin here.

  2. Amy Lee - As the internet is advocating for mental health discussion, the line between professional advice and a quote by a teenager on Tumblr can be all shoved under the big umbrella of mental health. With her series "AM with Amy", she answers questions about emotional and mental health and promotes intellectual, unfiltered discussions about common issues - the pressure to succeed, anxiety, perfectionism, insecurity, seeking professional help - among youth, including herself. What stood out to me is that she is unafraid to share her process of going through emotional and mental ups and downs, which gives me a more realistic figure to relate to.

  3. Lavendaire - All you ever need to know about bullet journaling or writing morning pages can be found on this channel. Writing out your raw feelings and thoughts is increasingly becoming a stress-reliever and life-saving for many: it is not all just a gibberish. If you like to plan and organize different aspects of your life onto paper, this could be your starter.