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Ashley Kao

1. Water your plants and talk to them because they need love to grow. 

2. Moisturise your hands. 

3. Bake banana bread because you panic-stocked bananas. 

4. Turn off your phone’s screen time tracking.

 5. Draw something really nice to spice up your instagram story. 

6. Draw something/somewhere/someone you miss. 

7. Watch workout videos and recommend them to your friends. 

8. Roll out your yoga mat as your only daily workout. 

9. Remove all sad songs from your main playlist. 

10. Move them to another one just in case. 

11. Switch your sweatpants to another pair of sweatpants. 

12. Send a letter to a friend - via email - so DHL people can focus on essentials delivery. 

13. Finally watch Ratatouille + Dora the Explorer on speaker. 

14. Paint each nail a different color. 

15. Put night cream on in the morning because what time is it?

 16. Find new ways to say I miss you. 

17. Set an alarm everyday at 7 and snooze it until 10. 

18. Ask for the recipes of the food your friends post and never make them. 

19. Switch to mobile data from house wifi, to trick your phone to thinking you’re actually outside. 

20. Constantly update your friends on how there is still nothing to update them on. 

21. Take a personality test to find out what cheese you are. (I am Brie) 

22. Buy instant coffee to make whipped coffee, but accidentally postpone it until the trend dies, so now your moka pot judges you. 

23. Make a wish every hour because it is 11:11 in some time zone somewhere. 

24. Look forward and be grateful that you can. 

25. Make your list. 

Special thanks to Selin Hatunoglu for the contribution :’)