Gioia Torresi graduated from her Master of Science in AFC (Accounting, Financial Management and Control) from Bocconi University in 2015. She currently lives in London, where she works as a manager for Hermes Infrastructure, an infrastructure investment platform. She is also a member of the EMEA Infrastructure Benchmark Committee of GRESB, an infrastructure sustainability benchmark. Gioia has worked in the infrastructure industry since she first moved to London in 2015. She started to grow a passion for this industry through her first M&A internship at Lazard, as well as during the following one in private equity, at Mandarin Capital. 

Gioia has always been interested in women empowerment and gender equality. The idea of creating the Women in Business Association came up during her experience as an exchange student in Seattle, USA, where she was invited by her American friends to join network meetings at the university café. These encounters gave her a chance to interchange ideas and aspirations with the others, as well as the opportunity to meet professionals to mentor her and offer her career advice. As soon as she got back to Milan, Gioia noticed that Bocconi was missing a similar forum, leading her to create the association with the help of a friend. Later on, the community interest in the association began to grow with the opening of the WIB Facebook page, which shared its ideas, events and inspirations with a community of like-minded people.

Gioia’s goal in founding Women in Business was to create an environment where its members could not only bond professionally, but also as companions. Secondly, this group aimed to be a platform where personal growth, motivation and mentorship were encouraged and supported.

Gioia is confident Women in Business has helped her on different levels. More specifically, having been mentored by women working in different industries helped her focus on a specific career to pursue, as well as gave her a sense of what it takes to get there and how. Additionally, she believes that the peer-to-peer professional counseling and mentoring amongst the members of the association not only helped her professionally, but also gave her the opportunity to make friendships that still last today. 

Gioia is still in contact with our association while she pursues her brilliant career.